The audit-proof document management system

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Think of GoBDocuments as a secure container for all your important documents. All actions are monitored and logged and this log can be exported at any time.

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GoBDocuments meets the strict requirements of the German GoBD for long-term archiving of documents.

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Documents stored in the program cannot be modified or manipulated. Thus, GoBDocuments can be used for accounting, business and legal documents.

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  • GoBD-compliant, audit-proof document management
  • Documents can neither be changed nor manipulated
  • File copies can be exported at any time
  • Integrity of the original files is maintained
  • All actions are monitored and logged
  • GoBD log can be created at any time
  • Explicitly for business and court \ legal documents
  • Suitable for accounting
  • iCloud Drive, BitTorrent Sync, Dropbox, etc. support
  • Document-based, files are stored within the document
  • Documents can be scanned directly into GoBDocuments
  • Auto-import from watched folders (Version 2+ \ macOS 11+)
  • Support for Finder Tags
  • Drag and drop
  • Quick Look
  • Batch Import \ Export
  • Search \ Filter
  • Content of supported files (e. g. Word, Text PDFs) is searchable
  • OCR to make PDFs \ images searchable (Version 2+ \ macOS 11+)
  • Clear, self-explanatory, and simple user interface
  • Manual
  • 24 hour support
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macOS 10.11 - 13
from 89,-