> Menu > File > New

The purpose of GoBDocuments is to manage important files (such as those used in accounting, business or legal matters) and to ensure their 'integrity'.

Since GoBDocuments is document-based, any number of collections can be created that have different number ranges and specifications. These collections can also be stored in the iCloud or Dropbox.

A GoBDocuments document only needs to be named and saved once, and then it is done automatically. 



> Menu > Group > New Group…

Imported documents are managed/sorted in GoBDocuments in groups. You can create as many groups as you like and import any number of files into such a group.

It is also possible to import a Finder folder directly as a group; please note that GoBDocuments deliberately does not import any subfolders or packages. Folders can also be imported directly to the' Group Table' by drag-and-drop.

The default setting in the' Settings' is that groups and the files they contain cannot be deleted. 



> Menu > Document > New Document…

GoBDocuments converts imported documents into its own, monitored and tamper-proof format. If necessary, file copies can be exported without changing the 'original' file.

You can assign a document number, your own date, tags, a comment and a longer note to files.

Single or multiple documents can be read into the 'Documents Table' via the menu or by drag-and-drop.

Quick Look is possible with the 'space bar'.



> Menu > Document > Scan Document…

GoBDocuments also lets you scan documents and receipts directly from a scanner connected to your Mac.

GoBDocuments itself has nothing to do with the communication with this scanner. This is done by macOS. So I can't influence the list of supported scanners. If macOS supports the scanner, then GoBDocuments also supports it.

If the 'Overview' scan is satisfactory, clicking on 'Scan' will transfer the actual document into the GoBDocuments collection. 



> Menu > Edit > Find > Document Search

With the 'Document Search' in GoBDocuments you can search for all files in all groups.

The search input understands the combination of inputs, so it is possible to search simultaneously (for example) for a year, the format, a tag, the saved original name and a possible comment.

The results can also be narrowed down directly by period and format.

From files where this is possible (e. g. text-based PDFs), GoBDocuments also stores the content so that it can be searched for as well. 



Toolbar > Inspector > GoBD Log…

GoBDocuments meets the strict requirements of the German GoBD for long-term archiving of documents.

Documents stored in the program cannot be modified or manipulated. In addition, all actions are monitored and logged in GoB documents and this log can be output at any time.

If required, a file copy can be exported at any time, so that the original application file can be logged (can be documented) and remains unchanged.

GoBDocuments also monitors the database itself for manipulations.